Awakening Sleeping Giants in Brazil

Last week saw a huge uprising take place in Brazil against right wing propaganda. Sleeping Giants is a US organisation that encourages brands to remove their ads from right wing platforms. Breitbart News lost out on over €8 million worth of publicity due to reporting stemming from the organisation's 280,000 followers. Sleeping Giants has worked … Continue reading Awakening Sleeping Giants in Brazil

The Inside Story of Instagram

No Filter is a detailed and balanced account of the birth of Instagram, an app which has changed the social landscape and impacted the world of entertainment, celebrity, travel and business. On the flip side, it's also had a massive influence on body image issues, social comparison and mental health. Author Sarah Frier offers an … Continue reading The Inside Story of Instagram

Data in the time of Covid

The world is still in the grip of social isolation measures, and many countries are on almost total lockdown in a bid to tackle the Covid-19 virus. Footfall in main shopping districts around the world is at an all time low. Traffic emissions have fallen drastically and a reduction in industrial output has seen a … Continue reading Data in the time of Covid

Intro to Tik Tok

Last week, we spoke about social media and the growing concerns about social's effect on teen wellbeing. But as countless articles cite stats on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram use, other channels are surfacing that are changing the way we think about social media. Introducing Tik Tok, the answer to all our woes. A successor to Vine, … Continue reading Intro to Tik Tok